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We would like to introduce to you our MYP Wellness team ready to accomodate your every need. From a Thai Yoga Massage to Acupuncture, their services are now available for booking. Please refer to the individual pricing and information of each specialty below. Our wellness team offers acupuncture, massage therapy, reiki, holistic nutrition, and more…

Hours of operation:
Monday – Friday 9am to 8pm.
Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm.

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Margaret is a strong believer that prevention is the key to a healthy vibrant life. This has led her onto a path of helping others achieve optimal health and well-being holistically. With her Bachelor of Science degree from University of Toronto, further studies in Holistic Nutrition, Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, et to the root cause of issues to gain better health. Her experience in acupuncture ranges from muscular pain conditions, menstrual/menopausal symptoms, infertility, stress and weight management to cosmetic acupuncture, a non-surgical procedure which tones and rejuvenates the skin to reduce the signs of aging.
She is a member of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario (CTCMPAO).







DMrmDebbie McCoy, Certified Reiki Master/Practitioner,lives and loves fiercely with passion and enthusiasm. She was first introduced to Reiki when she managed a Wellness Destination Spa in Port Hope, Ontario in 2005.  Reiki then became a part of her heart and soul.  She thoroughly enjoys giving treatments, and teaching Reiki to those wanting to learn for the benefit of self-healing.  She assists her clients to an overall path of healthy lifestyle, well-being and balance.Debbie loves yoga and has been practicing at Moksha Yoga Pickering for almost 7 years, so she considers the studio her home away from home.  Over the years she has given Meditation & Reiki Workshops at the studio and has now launched a new themed workshop:  Heart2Heart Circle ~ Unplug, unwind and let go…which she’s very passionate about!  Daily meditation practice, exercise at the local gym and nutrition are key elements to her lifestyle.  Debbie applies the holistic approach in all aspects of her life, thus creating and sharing balance, love, peace and joy everywhere she goes.

Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing that can significantly help in reducing stress, anxiety and chronic pain, as well as promote a deep sense of well-being and inner calm. Reiki helps to restore harmony and balance to the mind, body and soul. Through a series of hand positions (over your clothes), vital life force energy flows from the practitioner through you which helps to heal blockages, imbalances or low energy which may be causing you illness or stress. Reiki is extremely beneficial for all ages, safe for women who are pregnant, enhances the healing process and restoring energy while one is ill, under treatment or in recovery. Reiki is a very relaxing holistic therapy.

This treatment involves both ‘touch’ and ‘non-touch’ placement of hands by the practitioner. Both are equally effective so it’s up to the recipient/client to request their preference at time of treatment.





NMWTAfter completing her studies at York University, Nicole moved to Germany to live and to work in her field.  Upon returning to Canada, she began working as a bilingual IT professional first in the insurance industry and then in the automotive industry.  After several years of valuable work experience she knew that it was time for a change.  Always having had a passion for health and wellness, Nicole took the opportunity given to her when her last contract ended to go back to school to become a registered massage therapist, or RMT.

Nicole credits her yoga practice as being instrumental in her decision to become a massage therapist, because yoga sparked her interest in learning about ‘how the body works’.  Nicole’s personal discovery of yoga began in 2008, and she has had a dedicated and regular practice ever since.  Yoga is a beautiful, life-long journey; there is always more to discover about yourself! Nicole is happy to be a part of the Wellness Team here at Moksha Pickering!






Cameron is a competitive soccer and hockey player that discovered Moksha Hot Yoga later in life. His professional background is Computer Programming in CNC for a Metal Fabrication shop in Pickering. Moksha is where Cameron’s heart lies for practice, and after being part of the community for over 5 years, he has seen amazing people reach their goals, confident and meaningful people come out of their shell and people becoming more aware that a positive practice is one of the most important parts of maintaining mental health.
As he became more focused on his practice, Cameron was received a 90min Thai massage from a local practitioner. He fell in love with the movement of the massage and realized this form of treatment was an extension of the Yoga practice.
Love and compassion is the main objective of Thai massage.  It’s an opportunity to relax on the mat, and succumb to direct and indirect stretching/compression along the energy lines within your body. After working the 2016 Yoga Conference for Lotus Palm, he was confident that he was meant to practice this technique and spread the love and compassion everyone needs in this current world.




Gabby began her yoga journey 7 years ago on Vancouver Island. During her time there, amidst the hustle and bustle of her life, she searched for a sense of stillness. Gabby received her 200 hr YTT in March 2015 through Karma Teachers Yoga and Meditation College. Upon completing her teacher training, Gabby knew she wanted to maintain a focus on Holistic Therapy and Bodywork as a career. She has recently received her certification as a Thai Yoga Massage and Reiki practitioner and will be continuing her education in Ayurvedic medicine and movement therapy.

“As you are, take a deep & wild breath.” – Gabby

“My mission is to help people return to balance so they can live their most empowered life. I use the tools of Thai Yoga Massage & Reiki to facilitate the restoration of equilibrium.” -Gabby